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Kawalease ACT

The creation of Kawalease ACT was born after Sleman’s arrival in Canada in 2015. He started making theatre in Calgary. As he established to find success, he wanted to create a platform where other Arab people could get the same artistic opportunities and support as he had.

Kawalease ACT will invest in putting Arab artistic expression on the map. Our goal is to be an umbrella organization for Arab artists in the artistic community of Alberta, offering rich experiences and connections, acting as a bridge between Arab artists and artistic opportunities that exist in Alberta.

Our Mission

Assemble, spotlight, and nourish Arab artists in Calgary, by helping them access resources, networking and reach artistic opportunities. Kawalease ACT envisions that this project will help build bridges between different components of society, enriching diversity and investing in Alberta’s multiculturalism.

Our Vision 

We can see the future of Kawalease Act not only a theater production company. Our future purpose to create more arts, to bring different aspects, and join all that in the multiculturalism of the Albertan- Canadian community.

What We Do

We build the support for artists, strengthen their confidence, and art passion. Through the past years, we attempted as much as we can to discover more artists in our region. We have held workshops that touched every artist’s side. Furthermore, we included art therapies to enhance and raise every artist’s self-worthiness and self-awareness. The extraction of the artistic side of every individual in the community begins with Kawalease ACT.

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Our Team

Our founding members come Syria, Egypt, Yemen, Lebanon, Canada, and Nigeria representing diversity of backgrounds and perspectives


Sleman Aldib

Founder & Artistic Director 


Bassem Hafez

President of The Board


Mark Hopkins

Vice President of The Board


Bethel Afework

Board Member


Alissar Zarour

Secretary of The Board


Mohamad Awada

Treasurer of The Board

Marketing Team

Alia Alhammoud

Marketing Manager


Andreas Jamal

Graphic Designer


Haya Msyati


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